Enjoy Live Sound Production At Your Holiday Party!

Are you looking to give your employees the best holiday party for your entire company to enjoy and ring in the New Year with? If so, there is nothing more exciting than having the best sound production that you possibly can! If your company is located in Northern Colorado, then you have found the perfect DJ for your party. 150 Productions Inc. is Northern Colorado’s go-to for everything music. We can give you the sound production that you need, so that your employees can have a grand time with each other and dance all night long!

When you decide that sound production is the way to go with your holiday party, you will be extremely happy that you did. With professional music playing all night long, you won’t have to feel responsible for the songs and entertainment that your employees expect to experience at the yearly holiday party! Along with photography and food, sound production is just as important and shouldn’t be ignored!

Are you ready to start planning your holiday party, so that your company can enjoy bonding over food, drinks and good company with music? 150 Productions Inc. is ready to schedule and help you plan your unforgettable your party! Give us a call or schedule an appointment with us online today! Please feel free to give us a ring if you have any questions about our services, production process or song choices!


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