Event Planning Mistakes You’ll Want to Avoid

As the premier sound production company in Northern Colorado, we often get a lot of questions regarding event planning issues that are even out of our realm of experience. Specializing in sound production and DJ services, including lighting we have seen our fair share of incredible events all along the Front Range. We’ve also seen those that have gone….well, not as well as hoped for. With everything that goes into planning a successful wedding, party or corporate event it’s easy to understand how, and why, things go badly. But by avoiding these common mistakes, your event will be sure to be the success that you planned.

  • sound production northern coloradoNot allowing enough time for set up. Don’t find yourself racing against the clock. Get full information from all of your vendors, from the caterer to the DJ on just how long they’ll need to get set up and plan extra time on top of that. Plan to have everything ready to go at least 15 minutes ahead of the scheduled event time.
  • Assuming we’re all on the same page. Confirm with your vendors 48 hours before the day of the event. Even if you’ve been in recent contact with them, one more attempt at making sure that everybody is prepared and well-versed in location, time, date and expectations can tie up any loose ends and help avoid last-minute headaches.
  • Working with a bare bones staff. Business and charity events can go quickly off-track when not properly staffed. Make sure that you have enough staff or volunteers to fill in gaps that had been overlooked. Remember, it’s better to have extra hands on deck than overly working a skeleton crew.

sound production northern colorado Being able to rely on your lighting and sound production staff to fully and knowledgeably handle their equipment and staff is key to a successful event. We understand the need to be highly reliable and knowledgeable in order to assist you in achieving the event of your dreams.

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