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We get it. Weddings can get expensive. Really expensive. Really quick. When thousands are spent on the dress, the food, the venue and the photography, budget-stretched brides start to look for places where they can save a few dollars. Unfortunately, they often see the DJ’s services as an area to start skimping. Where it makes sense to trim what you can from an over-inflated budget, taking it from the only source of entertainment for your reception is truly not recommended. Sure, there are some pretty cut-throat services out there but the entire atmosphere of your reception hinges on your DJ’s abilities and equipment. Is your next-door neighbor’s grandson really the one you want introducing you as man and wife for the first time? Is the guy you found on Craigslist engaging enough to inspire your guests to find their way to the dance floor again and again? Is your MP3 playlist really enough to create the right mood for the festivities? Will it even work properly?Professional DJ Northern Colorado

As a professional DJ service in Northern Colorado, 150 Productions staff and personnel have both the wedding experience and equipment training to ensure that, not only will you and your guests have a memorable night, but that it is properly equipped with the right systems in order to produce the sound quality expected. Your 150 Productions DJ and any assistants will also show up appropriately dressed and act with the highest professionalism the entire night. We pay special attention to musical requests and your “must-play” lists, giving your night the personal touch that you deserve on your wedding day. The feel and success of your reception hinges on your choice in a professional DJ. Take your time and ask the right questions when hiring a DJ to ensure that your budget is well-spent.

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